Live Chat And Social Media Customer Service

Live Chat And Social Media Customer Service

Good customer service is the primary secret of any successful business which gradually attract and retain customers for a considerable period. Companies struggle to hire people with good telephone etiquettes and manners. But in today’s digital world, when customers have a query about the product or service, it is not necessary they will pick up the telephone. Nowadays, the internet being popular, telephone is the least preferred option. Social media is swiftly changing the way companies create rapport with their customers. Live chat and social media customer service is taking a lead role as a way of communication with the customers spread across the globe.

In recent years, Dell is amongst the popular companies who adopted social media customer service and set an example how to become a social business.

Here are a few reasons why your company must invest in our Chat Services.

The customer is smart: Why would your customer prefer a telephonic conversation when your competitors provide help through live chat or social networks. idealcrew Services will take care to offer customer support via live chat and social networks, which is the quickest and simplest way to resolve your customer query.

What customers think: Social media has proven as a great medium for people to make their voices heard and allows enterprises to know what their customers are thinking and feeling, and also allows social interaction. Rely’s virtual customer service is less tiresome and highly productive making it easier and effective.

Easy to access: Your customers will be more than happy with this transformation. Live chat and social media are easy to use.

A great tool for your brand enhancement: People frequently use social media to share their experiences about a product or service. For example, people sharing their robust experiences about your company and the product on Twitter is like getting free testimonials for your brand. Rely Service will take care of these testimonials to augment your brand more.

Can be used by multiple departments: Compared to traditional customer service, live chat and social media networks can be easily used by our other departments as well if someone is absent. This is will keep the customer service uninterrupted. For example, our sales staff can interact with your clients on Linkedin and increase leads for your business.

How you will benefit through Rely Services?

  • Cost reduction: The cost of traditional customer support is reduced
  • Resource requirement: You need less resources on the phones.
  • Complete Workflow with your Existing EMR, CRM, or CMS
  • Brand enhancement: Your brand gets automatically enhanced at a fast pace compared to traditional customer service. Thus increasing visibility online and save time.